Getting That New Client

When you’re in the private yoga biz, there is an ongoing search for new clients. Even if you’re the best teacher in the world and your clients love you and work with you long-term… life happens! A client might move (or you might move!), or you might decide you’d rather not keeping going to that neighborhood 45 mins away to teach 1 person, or maybe you need to increase your prices and that one person you’re undercharging just can’t pay what you need anymore. There are lots of reasons why a client relationship might come to an end. And so, we as yogipreneurs need to have some strategies to keep up our client list.
If you teach a group class, this will probably be your #1 place for getting clients – though if you teach in a studio, that might come with restrictions or fees that aren’t compatible with your long-term goals.
So what do you do?
I’ll tell you what. You network your ass off. Now I know networking gets a bad rep. It conjures up an image of sucking up to strangers to use them or something. But that doesn’t have to be how it is. Instead, think of networking as making friends. There are lots and lots of strategies that make it easy to make friends, and I’ll definitely share more in my emails.
But for now, let’s talk about trades + freebies. Trading services/offering free sessions, that is. After group classes and client referrals, this is THE way I’ve been able to a fill my schedule with clients. So who do you trade with/give freebies to? Everyone and anyone who has a service-based business and talks to people. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Massage therapists

  • Nutritionist

  • Acupuncturists

  • Reiki practitioners

  • Pilates instructors

  • Personal Trainers

  • Physical Therapist

  • Your hair stylist

  • Your dentist

  • Your mental health therapist

  • Your doctor

  • Your lawyer

  • Your accountant

  • Your cleaning person

  • The local barista

  • Your facialist

You get the idea. These are people who talk to lots of people on a day-to-day basis and get a sense of problems they might be experiencing. They have an automatic “in” to refer someone and that someone could be YOU.

Now of course, trading services is ideal. With other fitness and wellness professionals, a trade would be appropriate. It might even work with your cleaning person and/or hair stylist. But not every situation is suited to a trade. For example, I don’t think your doctor or dentist will necessarily trade services with you. That’s why you keep a few freebies up your sleeve. If you hear the slightest whisper of something you work with (stress, injury, flexibility, strength, pregnancy!), you offer up your services. Obviously, don’t give an unlimited amount of your teaching away. But let them know you could be of help and that you’d be happy to do one free session with them as a trial. And you don’t have to be sneaky about asking for referrals. Just let them know you’d be interested in that up-front.
For example, if your facialist is complaining about their sore back, you could say “Oh I know some great exercises that could really help you. I’m happy to offer you up a free session to show you some moves that you could do on your own, and if you feel our session together really helps your back, I’d love it if you could pass my name along. What do you think?”
Simple and straightforward.
As an added bonus, once they work with you, add them to your email list so you can stay top-of-mind and connect in a more meaningful way!
I hope this helps you get started filling up your schedule and feel free to email me back with questions!