If you think you could use a little less stress in your life, but you have no interest yoga studios, yoga culture or calling yourself a "yogi," then Yogawalla NYC is for you. This space is all about stress-free living. No acrobatics. No mystical bullshit. Just useful, practical tools to make life easier.


For me, teaching private yoga sessions is the most rewarding experience. But the skills needed to successfully deliver life-changing classes to my students are unique to those taught in most teacher trainings. I want to share those skills with you. 

Private Yoga Helpdesk

I'm super excited to be hosting this comprehensive teaching training to support teachers in getting their private yoga business off the ground!

There's so much great stuff that's going to be covered in this training, but because it's my first time, I'm doing it at a steep discount to a limited # of people (only 5 openings and I might pare that down to 4) - the next time, I'm going to at least double if not triple the price. 

In this training you can expect to learn:

  • Answers to your basic teaching questions like where to teach, what to teach, how much to charge and the best way to get paid!
  • Strategies on where to get new clients
  • How to keep yourself and your clients safe
  • Mindset coaching around understanding your value
  • Confidence in your overall teaching abilities
  • Confidence in handling cancellations
  • Tools to start reading bodies
  • Tools to understand your what your clients need but won't directly tell you
  • A surefire framework for nailing your client class plans
  • Confidence in working with injuries
  • Tools to handle tricky teaching situations like teaching two people with really different needs at once, working with stronger bodies who seem to do every asana with ease, and clients who have trouble with boundaries.
  • Strategies for creating a business that includes self-care, so you don't burn out!

You will also walk away with:

  • A brand identity
  • A long-term marketing plan
  • A career map that will support your long-term goals


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