If you think you could use a little less stress in your life, but you have no interest yoga studios, yoga culture or calling yourself a "yogi," then Yogawalla NYC is for you. This space is all about stress-free living. No acrobatics. No mystical bullshit. Just useful, practical tools to make life easier.


Corporate Yoga & Meditation


I get it - I worked in the corporate world before becoming a yoga teacher and I know how sitting for long hours and stressful deadlines take their toll physically, mentally & emotionally. I've designed my targeted yoga programs to give you the tools to recharge fully and experience greater clarity & productivity all day long.

Want to get the benefits of yoga without getting everyone sweaty? All you have is a conference room, you say? I have experience teaching in all sorts of inconvenient, definitely-not-designed-for-yoga spaces.

Corporate Yoga

A typical in-office yoga session includes the following:

  • Initial Centering
  • Mechanics of Breathing & Why Breath Is So Important
  • Neck & Wrist Stretches
  • Spine & Shoulder Stretches
  • Hip & Leg Stretches
  • Self-Aromatherapy (optional)
  • A Take-Away Powerpoint With Several Key Stretches for Continued Practice

Corporate Meditation

A typical in-office medtation session includes:

  • Mechanics of Breathing & Why Breath Is So Important
  • 2-4 Meditations Tailored to Fit the Needs of the Group
  • Self-Aromatherapy (optional)
  • Access to Recorded Meditations

Both yoga and meditation are geared towards helping you be more productive at work without disrupting your day. Here are some things you don't ever have to worry about:

  • NO BLOCKS OR MATS - All we need is you and your chair.
  • NO SPECIAL CLOTHES - Though women may want to opt-out of skirts/dress for yoga.
  • NO SPECIAL SPACE - We do everything on chairs in a conference room, at desks or an open space.
  • NO SWEATING - You can expect to get right on with your day.