Toilet Talk No. 2

Okay, so last week I sent an email about constipation. Fortunately for you I’ve got a little more toilet talk!

Specifically, I want to share with you two things that have completely transformed my bathroom experience in the last year. I’m sharing these things, because I know how stressful and uncomfortable it can be when you’re walking around all bloated.

Sure: diet, exercise, sleep and stress have a lot to do with how easily you go. But the things I want to talk about are more immediate. About making your morning meetings more productive, if you will.

The first thing that has changed my experience is having a stool (haha) to elevate my feet. Maybe you’ve seen the squatty potty commercials. Well, they make a really good point. The squat position really makes a difference. If you’ve ever gone to a yoga class and hugged your knees to your chest or been in a deep squat, you just may have experienced a little unexpected flatulence (WHO ME??? NEVER!!!). And if you’ve ever had to go to the bathroom hovering over one of those “keyholes” in the ground, then you know that, although balancing might be more challenging, the going part is easier.

The compromise is actually the best and most comfortable solution. Elevate the feet while you sit so you don’t have to hang in the air to balance. (Because if you're constipated, isn't just going hard enough? lol) While the squatty potty is a completely fine solution, I’m going to add that for a short person like me, it’s not nearly high enough. My feet barely touch the ground as is. And an ugly piece of plastic on permanent display isn’t really my style.

Instead, I have a small but relatively tall stool that I got at Homegoods for like $15. I stuck some little rubber pads on the bottom of the legs so the stool doesn’t slide around. It works well for me and gets my knees a little above my waist for maximum efficacy. But by all means, if ordering something pre-made on Amazon works for you, go for it!

The other thing that has transformed my bathroom experience is a bidet. I wanted a bidet for a really long time. I always liked the idea of being squeaky clean.

But what I didn’t expect was that a bidet could also help to close any ongoing negotiations. In fact, it can help close negotiations you didn’t even know were in progress. 😂

You might be a little skeptical at the idea of water shooting up your bum. So was someone else in my household. You might call this other person extremely regular – almost TOO regular. And yet this person was convinced enough to get one for their own bathroom. Just sayin’.

There are a ton of bidet options on the market. Some of them are really basic and simple to install and some of them have a lot of bells and whistles. I own something in the middle. I got this one on Amazon – and, well, it’s the SHIT! Just be warned it comes in two different lengths and this is the longer one.

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