To-Do List

I’m one of those people who has a never-ending to do list. I mean, an actual physical list that I write down. It’s been a running list for at least a year and I don’t think I’ve gotten to the bottom of it even once. There’s always a bit leftover and then I just end up transferring those items to a new list and a new one until I don’t remember where the first list started and the last list ended. Not to mention there are always things I didn’t event write down, because I figured I’d get to them later…you, know, when I have “free time.”

In fairness, I’ve gotten a little better over time. I’ve learned to chill out a little bit and that not everything on that pesky to-do list actually needs doing. Like maybe I don’t have to make a Pinterest-worthy meal from scratch every time someone comes over. Or I don’t have to sit in a full hour of uninterrupted meditation each morning. Or maybe I should admit, that my junk drawer is just never going to get organized.

And then, of course, are the sick days; the days where everything slows down whether we like it or not. I swore this year I wouldn’t get sick at all, but of course I overdid it the second half of this year with the wine, caffeine, sugar combination. And so, what goes up, must come down... and I am definitely down.

In the down phase, the to-do list goes out the window. It gets scrapped entirely. And yet life goes on. Stuff gets done. Work deadlines get met. The household manages itself. And the undone stuff? Well, it turns out, it doesn’t really affect anyone. It just sits there ignorantly and quietly. Those outdated coupons had no clue that they were even headed for the recycle bin. And so they don’t make a sound.

Want to fill your newfound time with some more humor? A to-do list courtesy of The New Yorker:

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