The Hungry Ghost - Tara Brach's Take

After I send that email on the hungry ghost yesterday, a yoga teacher friend of mine suggested I check out some lectures/meditations given by Tara Brach.

If you haven't heard of Tara Brach, she's a super well-known teacher who blends East & West. She has a PhD in clinical psychology and she has studied Buddhism extensively. She blends those things together to give talks and provide tons of resources like guided meditations, workshops, etc. Oh and she's FUNNY! A lot of her stuff can be found online.

I listened to this talk yesterday and it provides a deeper understanding of the Hungry Ghost concept. If you want more info and or you want to do a meditation to help you "break the wheel," check out the video below. The meditation is the last 10 minutes in case you want to skip ahead.

Future Fantasy/Mo' Money Mo' Problems

The Hungry Ghost

The Hungry Ghost