Just Keep Going

I've been taking boxing lessons over a year now and as weird as it may sound, I consider it to be a part of my yoga practice. Sounds weird, right? As you might have guessed, I find yoga in everything and my boxing training has really elevated my yoga practice. There are a couples of reasons for this...

Firstly, boxing is movement paired with breath. Even though you are moving constantly and dying in the process (at least I am ), you still have to remember to breathe. This is something I'm terrible at BTW. There's a video of me below and my trainer, Nikki from WTF, said afterwards that she didn't think I breathed even once that whole round. #workinprogress 🤷

Secondly, boxing takes a TON of mental focus and getting other random thoughts out of your head. Those of you who work with me know that I find mantras to be useful and when I box, my mantra is "just keep going."

Which brings me to the most important lesson I've learned in boxing. That is to JUST KEEP GOING. In the beginning, when I would mess up, I would just stop and have to start again, losing momentum in the process. Nikki has since drilled it into my head that I need to keep moving. If I mess up, so what?, don't dwell. Not even for a second. Because if you do that in a fight, you're gonna get knocked out. Sounds a lot like real life, doesn't it? In the yoga world, we might call this staying present. Working in the NOW. Of course, you can always set aside time to debrief, reflect, etc. But do it when the round is over - i.e. when YOU choose, not when your mind chooses for you. If you've created that time for yourself, then you know the rest of the time, just keeping moving, don't let mistakes, hiccups, embarrassments, not knowing where to go or what to do hold you back. As long as you keep going, you won't get knocked out.

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Propping Up Your Practice

Propping Up Your Practice