Take Your Yoga On The Road: Apps, Youtube Channels and Podcasts to Try

For many of you, the holiday season may be the time of year that you most rely on yoga practice. However, it may also be the time of year where family and travels get in the way of your usual routine. To help you avoid falling off of your yoga routine altogether - I've compiled a list of my favorite apps, video channels and podcasts that will help you get moving and meditating, no matter where you are here. Without further ado...


Try These Apps

1. DDP Yoga - This app was created by wrestler-turned-yoga-master, Diamond Dallas Page and has classes for every level, making the practice really accessible for anyone. His style is also down-to-earth, so if you aren't into the woo-woo aspects of yoga this is for you.

2. Yoga Studio - This inexpensive app offers classes of various lengths and difficulties like the DDP app, but also allows you to link poses together to create your own sequences. It also allows you to download any sequence so you can practice without the need for wifi.

3. Headspace - What I especially love about this meditation app is that it begins with some really clear videos explaining what meditation is and how it works. The app offers a 10-minutes for 10 days course that you can repeat as many times as you like in order to build up a meditation practice. It also offers some other great meditations like one for fear of flying. 

4. Insight Timer - This app has thousands of meditations and talks from a diverse range of teachers. Some of my favorites are Tara Brach and Sadhguru. 

5. Buddify - This meditation app is activity based. You simply select an activity such as traveling, walking or cooking and, voilà! - a specific meditation to help you be more present.

Watch on Youtube

1. Ekhart Yoga - Esther Ekhart is extremely knowledgable and has keen grasp of bodies of all different ranges. She provides precise and practical cues. While you can visit her website to get a subscription to full classes, her Youtube channel offers hundreds of mini-sequences, exercises yoga philosophy and anatomy videos for free. 

2. Yoga with Adriene - Adriene's Youtube channel also offers hundreds of classes and while some of them are 10-15 minutes, many of them are around 30 minutes or more. If you're looking to do a more well rounded express class, this may be the channel for you. 

3. Kino Yoga - Kino MacGregor is an incredible Ashtanga master teacher. I don't personally practice Ashtanga yoga - which takes a lot of time and patience to move forward in correctly. But I love watching her videos as a reference point for moving into more advanced poses. If you are working on something that is particularly difficult for you, her videos may offer some fresh ideas on how to get there.

4. Talking in Circles - This Youtube show by Laura Miller isn't strictly a yoga show, but she (and her circle of friends, including yoga teacher Tara Stiles) get together to talk about how they deal with some very real topics that, in a way, captures the essence of yoga. While they talk about some heavy topics that may be perfect for easing you through the holidays, her characteristically goofy/awkward personality lighten up these 10-min and under episodes. 

Listen To A Podcast

1. Meditation in the City - This podcast is based on the weekly Shambhala dharma talks given at the Shambhala Meditation Center in NYC. Shambhala comes from a Buddhist tradition and these talks are very much based in the reality of living in NYC.  The episode on family karma is especially relevant this time of year. I love downloading episodes from these talks and listening to them while on a long journey. Here's the link for iTunes and for Android.

2. Dear Sugar - If you love the book by Cheryle Strayed, you'll love this podcast in which she and Steve Almond (the original "Sugars")  take on real problems and difficulties with straight talk mixed with radical compassion. Find it on iTunes or Android.

Now that you have a pretty comprehensive list of resources to help you keep up your practice and keep your peace of mind this season, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that you can also check out my Instagram page for videos of mini sequences and my Soundcloud page for guided meditations. Happy Holidays!

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