"Yogawalla NYC is for real New Yorkers who want to achieve their health and wellness goals effectively and efficiently. Whether you are overcoming an injury, want to increase your focus at work, or you are ready to take your practice to the next level, I create engaging and challenging private yoga sessions to get you there. "

-Jesal Parikh
Founder of Yogawalla

A "-walla" is someone who is involved with a particular activity. So while you may not dedicate your life to becoming a "yogi", anyone can become a yogawalla.

The Yogawalla Mission

A "-walla" is a Hindi term for someone who is involved with a particular activity. Most of us don't do yoga so we can become enlightened monks; we are not trying to become dedicated yogis. But anyone who wants the benefits of yoga without buying into the entire lifestyle can become a yogawalla. I created Yogawalla NYC so that I could bring my students a practical, no-nonsense approach to applying the tools of yoga - not just in a session but in everyday life.

My Story

I was never an athlete. When I first started yoga, I didn't have strength or flexibility. I couldn't hold a plank or touch my toes. What I did have was back pain from sitting all day, stress from working long hours and an over- active social life, and psoriasis that was triggered by not taking good care of myself. Yoga provided me the tools to lead a healthier life - one where I prioritized my well- being so work, relationships and everything else could fall in to place. These are the tools I want to bring to you.


I started doing yoga a year ago and still remember my first class like it was yesterday. Not going to lie, I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know anyone, I had no clue what any of the positions were called, and had generally no clue what yoga was even about. Turns out I was nervous for no reason at all. Jesal was so patient and made me feel welcome right away! I got so hooked that I started doing private lessons with her once a week so I could refine my yoga positions and gain strength. I am 28 years old and have sciatica in my right leg and such a bad back that I had to start seeing a chiropractor. Once I started my private lessons, I didn’t even know I had sciatica or back problems. Jesal quickly became not only my yoga teacher, but my friend. She is not only FANTASTIC at what she teaches, but she is an amazing individual! ANYONE who has the pleasure of having her as a yoga instructor is very fortunate. I highly recommend anybody to try at least one of Jesal’s classes… once you start you will be a Yogi for life!
— Lena E.
Working with Jesal has been a lifechanger for me. I suffer from chronic migraines and decided on Yogawalla as a healing resource after discussing my health with Jesal. I am not traditionally a review writer, but I want to express and share with others what has been so immensely helpful to me. Jesal is compassionate, intuitive and knowledgable. Her expertise in anatomy and her insight into the mind and the mental obstacles we put up both educates and inspires me - all while having fun and feeling better. She has a contagious laugh, a positive energy and it’s been a comprehensively positive experience.
— Jules S.
Jesal is by far one of the best yoga teachers that I have ever had! Every week she presents us with new challenges so we are not working on the same poses all of the time. That being said, she also provides us with opportunities to continue working on poses that we have already learned. It is the perfect combination of learning new poses and being granted opportunities to continue building upon previously learned techniques! She is patient and makes sure everyone is doing their best with a pose before moving on to the next. She offers modification options for those of us that are newer to yoga. She is accommodating of all skill levels and encourages everyone to be OK with whatever level they are at, while still challenging us to try to keep pushing ourselves. She is very friendly and approachable and happy to speak after class about any questions or concerns we had with the poses. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to practice with her each week!
— Liza R.
Jesal, the Yoga Walla, impartially examined my body, like a tailor constructing a fine garment, and tailored each session to my needs. Jesal continually checked in with me, meeting me where I was at with modifications, and challenging me to visualize my strength and realize my abilities. As a result of my sessions with Jesal I more easily access my athletic energy in my day-to-day; group yoga classes, swimming, bike commuting, or just climbing the subway stairs. Jesal Parikh’s nurturing and holistic yoga lessons inspire me to practice greater self-care. She is divine and will be vulnerable with you in your practice and her instruction.
— Christina L.
I had always been an active person until I became ill with Lyme disease. This disease had a long treatment and recovery time that was mostly sedentary. After two years, I decided to try yoga classes because my muscles were getting weaker and my joints more painful due to arthritis. Many people told me yoga would help. I met Jesal in a group class that meets once a week. I was a little nervous to join a group that knew yoga when I was a complete novice, but Jesal was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and asked pertinent health questions that made me realize I was in good, capable hands. After several months, I also started taking private classes with Jesal. Although she was very capable and generous with her time during group classes, I realized how much more specific a private class could be to address my areas of concern. I have had various issues, i.e. an old rotator cuff injury and ankle injury as well as other injuries, that she has helped me to address comfortably and to find a way to balance doing yoga and allowing old injuries to strengthen and heal. Thanks to her help, I am flexible and comfortable, but more importantly, I do not wake up in the morning with all my joints hurting. Jesal is also working with me to learn to relax through meditation. I have recommended my patients to Jesal because of her knowledge and skill, but I also appreciate her warm and uplifting personality. She has made a lifelong believer of me.
— Lisa C.
Jesal is an incredible teacher. She really hones in on people’s problem areas and targets your session to focus on those areas. There is a lot of variety in her practice so she keeps you engaged. She is also very responsive and organized. I highly recommend her.
— Annu C.
I highly respect Jesal as a yoga instructor. I’ve worked with her several times and I always leave class feeling open and calm. Her knowledge of anatomy and genuine care for each student in the class is apparent from the start. Jesal is playful in her approach and really allows her students to explore poses and work through areas of struggle. She has a way of being present in the moment and modifying her plan to fit the needs of her students, no matter their level. I also appreciate the way she makes meditation accessible. To those who are new, she integrates just a bit and to those with a more regular practice, she gently guides them deeper. If you’re looking for a teacher that is always changing things up and will work with what your body is willing to do on a given day, I recommend Jesal all the way!
— Juliet M.
Jesal is a terrific yoga instructor. I came to her with absolutely no knowledge of Yoga. She explained all the different techniques, theories, and benefits of yoga. Afterwards she asked me what I wanted to gain from Yoga and we worked together to develop a plan to reach my goals. She took a lot of time to perfects poses, within a few weeks I already noticed a stark difference. My strength and flexibility increased and I was even able to work on my own. I definitely recommend Jesal to any beginners or experts. She doesn’t buy into the commercialized yoga that’s so common now, she focuses on real yoga.
— Jared K.
Jesal is a fantastic instructor! She took the time to understand my needs, objectives, and weaknesses, not only through our discussions but also by observing my performance, and tailored each pose or activity to ensure I got the most out of each session. She also took the time to explain the philosophy or benefits behind each exercise which has made me much more aware of my body and its capabilities. I thoroughly enjoyed my classes with Jesal. I always left feeling challenged, accomplished, and invigorated. I would absolutely recommend Jesal to anyone looking for a private instructor.
— Julee N.
Being a yoga practitioner for over six years and practicing at a local NYC studio and abroad while traveling, I can confidently say that Jesal is one of the best instructors I have ever had. Deeply rooted in her own practice and training in addition to anatomy courses, Jesal’s teaching style is confident, hands-on, and soothing while simultaneously challenging.

In and even before our one-on-one sessions, Jesal takes the time to listen to you about your yoga goals, how you are feeling, and learns very quickly how to read your body. Having the one-on-one attention with Jesal has given me the confidence to deepen my yoga practice. I highly recommend Jesal to anyone who is looking to challenge themselves and/or deepen their yoga practice.
— Melissa F.
I had such a wonderful experience working with Jesal on Friday! We had to turn the session itself into a Video call, and she was so accommodating with the changes that afternoon. She guided me through poses and breathing exercises to release any pain and open up areas that previously felt restricted. She guided me to use props like pillows and blankets so I felt comfortable. I especially loved the Yoga Nidra at the end, her voice was so soothing and calm, that I instantly felt connected to the visual guidance and imagery she set up. Overall, my body felt a lot more relaxed and open after our session- I definitely plan on using her services again! Thank you Jesal!
— Asha S.